Meet John


Hi, I’m John and thanks for stopping by! I’m a husband, dad to a couple french bulldogs, Los Angeles native, and an avid baker and cooker of all things delicious thanks to a life long education from my mother. My mom cooked every meal we had and I loved spending time with her in the kitchen watching, helping, and learning as she made everything from scratch.

Dinner always had at least 3 courses, there was a lot of cake, and it wasn’t uncommon to find a fresh dozen donuts. Hey…it was the 90’s and I was cherubic, NOT chubby.

After finishing my degree in fine arts and spending a few years as a school teacher I decided to get back to my roots and Preppy Kitchen was born. If you’re asking why “Preppy Kitchen”, it’s because aside from the polo shirts, boat shoes, and grosgrain belts, preppy connotes an adherence to gracious living and that’s my jam. For me the most satisfying part of making any dish is sharing it with friends and family so I started blogging to bring what I make to all of you.