Here are some of the nifty products I use in my kitchen to create this blog.

Where would I be without my trusty Kitchenaid Stand Mixer. It’s something you only buy once because it lasts forever!

I’m falling in love with copper and this whisk has the added benefit of whipping up fluffier egg whites!


I have been using these 6″ cake pans nonstop since I first bought them. Buy four and you can get a tall 4 layer cake from a standard recipe!

These are my secret to perfectly baked cakes. Soak in water and wrap around cake pan. Your cakes will be flat on top, evenly baked and no hard crusty cake edges!!

This is a must for getting straight edges on your cake. I use mine got cleaning up the tops especially.

This dough scraper is perfect for getting perfect sides on every cake. And you can use it for bread making too.




There’s something about these heavyweight stainless steel measuring cups from All-Clad that I love; they just look and feel precise.

If you’re going to make Italian meringue you really need a candy thermometer.


Never bake without a cooling rack. Trust me, you’ll want several.